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Process Analysis Essay: Writing Tips

We would like to start by saying some words about this kind of essay. A process analysis essay describes some process. In this kind of paper, you not only provide the process analysis but instruct the reader about the process. Would it be correct if you write some guidelines or an instruction? Probably, but note please that your instruction is basically only a part of the essay.

Process analysis paper writing might be a very simple task for one student, and one of the most complicated tasks for another student. Everything depends on people`s characters and their manner of presenting ideas.

One thing is sure: if you are a creative person, this essay kind might become a challenge. However, if you have that logical mind of a mathematician, you, without any doubt, can handle it easily. But in both cases, you need some more details about this kind of paper, just to know how to handle it.

What is a Process Analysis Essay and Its Writing Manner

What about the process analysis essay definition? Well, there is nothing controversial about it, nothing at all! Basically, when we speak about such essay type, we mean an instruction presented in an essay form. For example, you don’t just give steps but comment on them, explain them. It is always a wonderful idea to provide some examples. Maybe, you can tell a story from your life to illustrate the situation.

How to Start a Process Analysis Essay Properly

What about some tips on how to start a process analysis essay? You can see that they are the same as for any other kind of essay. So, what is the main task of any introduction? Yes, right, you need to show why this paper is important and interesting. Can this essay instruction save somebody`s life? Does it tell how to behave in a critical situation? Or maybe you are discussing how to live the life the person wants to live?

Further, you move to the actual writing: a process analysis essay isn’t complicated to handle. Make sure you check the process, in details, each step of it. Have you got acquainted with the process? Now, it is time to write about it. Just describe it, step by step. If needed, add some deviations. Without them, your essay may become super dry and formal. But don’t overdo with deviations. The main idea is to describe the process, isn’t it?

How to End a Process Analysis Essay: Tips and Tricks

Now, when the process is described, you have to create a nice ending for your paper. So, how to end a process analysis essay nicely? First of all, make sure once more that you described a complete process. Are there any steps left without your attention? If there aren’t things left to mention, move to the completion.

Once more, mention the procedure that you were describing. Then, in short, tell what you have done. Here, you don’t need to describe all the steps. Here, you can just mention that you have completed all the steps required for that. And, finally, boast of your results. Make your reader see that all your efforts haven’t been in vain.

Process Analysis Essay Outline: Follow the Standards

However, what is a standard process analysis essay outline? Does it differ from an outline of a typical essay? Or are there some elements that are normally not included in any other essay kind?

Yep, a process analysis essay differs from other essay kinds. So, its outline is different, as well. Like any other essay, it consists of an introduction, the main body, and a conclusion. However, the content of each part is specific.

An Introduction, or All About the Process Importance

In the introduction, you mention the process which you are going to write about and explain, why this particular process is so important. Why have you selected this process? How can it be important and interesting to your reader?

The Main Body, or Instruments and Process

In the main body, you don’t give your ideas and opinions. That is strange, isn’t it? However, keep in mind, that you are to prepare a special essay. You are telling about some process. For the process, you need some tools. How does your reader know about them? Inform your reader, mention the tools that are necessary.

Then, describe the process itself. Yes, it is the time to write an instruction. That is a usual step-by-step instruction, with some comments, notes or whatever might be important for your reader. It is crucial to mention each procedure because your reader might not be familiar with the process.

Process Analysis Essay Topics: These Are Among the Most Popular Ones

Do you know many processes? Well, you can select any process from everyday life, like cooking, cleaning, painting, or you can select some specific processes, for example, praying. Well, we better make a short list, just as a sample:

  • How to pray correctly.
  • How to cook the tastiest chicken ever.
  • How to watch TV properly.
  • How to find a home-based job.
  • How to build a house.

Process Analysis Essay Ideas to Consider

Any topic that starts with “how to…” can be the topic of your paper. And don’t worry if you have a special wish to describe something absolutely exotic, like, for example, how to cook a fugu-fish. The Internet provides all the information that you need. So, you just select something that sounds really fascinating for you, and arrange it in a way, as if you have done it. Do you need more information? Consult the Internet!


A process analysis essay isn’t a common writing assignment. However, your teacher might give it. Don’t be afraid and just make all as described in this article. And always remember that everything is easier if you deal with it in a serious way.