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Cookie Policy

Cookies' general explanation

Files that are saved on your personal computer and other devices with internet connection are known as cookies. Internet cookies contain info regarding your visits any time you open web sites using your browsing software.

Cookies allow us to improve our web-site according to the needs you have. We're able to make our site more convenient for your requirements and allow you to be logged in for a certain time period.

Any decisions regarding removing or deactivating cookies are only yours to make. It is possible to turn them off in case you don’t think that we need to use them by any means. However, turning the files off might lead to a reduced functionality of our web-site.

The types of Cookies we use

We use session and persistent cookies. Session ones are stored only when your web browser is open. Among the functions they've got there is monitoring your recent activity on the site (like making a purchase for the first time). The other type might also be called permanent because these cookies are kept irrespective of whether your web browser is active or not.

Why we use these files

Cookies are utilized in the order form on the site. Getting our services could turn into a problem should you disable them. Cookies are also important for:

  • remembering the order progress
  • viewing the plagiarism check software usage statistics
  • remembering that the person is logged in
  • providing the consumer support for every user using our chat
  • monitoring user’s activity with the aid of Google Analytics

Other companies aren’t involved in our work

Cookies are used if customers purchase our services. We don’t share your private information with any third parties that don’t get involved in the process of making the transaction, completing the tasks and delivering the work.

How you can Manage Cookies

When you disable cookies, we will not guarantee that our web-site will function adequately and there is a fairly good chance that the browsing experience will not be completely satisfying. But if you actually need to block or erase them you can do it in your internet browser options. Open the help sections in your web browser menu and follow the instructions.