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Money-Back guarantee

Certanly, the most important objective of our work is to supply remarkable essays or any other works to our buyers. Before starting to work with us, please, get acquainted with some options you are entitled to, such as a money back guarantee, which we believe would give you more confidence in our service. The acknowledgement of mutual obligations by our team and the customers helps us to work more confidently, assisting you the best way possible.

Because of our service’s reliability and excellent reputation, our clients almost never ask for a refund. There's also a revision option to satisfy each requirement.

Applying for a refund, you need to make sure your case matches the explanation of the situations presented below. Remember, there's a chance to get not only a part of the paid sum back but the entire cost of your order as well. But, it depends on certain conditions

100% refund

  1. Two identical orders instead of one
    If you discover that you mistakenly made two identical orders instead of one, get in touch with our support - it'll help you receive your money back. However, in case the writer was found before you contacted our support, you would not receive a full refund; hence place your order attentively.
  2. Your order is canceled before we find the writer
    In cases like this, a 100 % refund is definitely available. If we haven't assigned a specialist by the time you call the order off, you will always receive a 100 % refund without any problems.
  3. Lack of free writers
    We hire only writers skilled enough to complete orders of various academic and complexity levels, but it is possible that there won't be any matching writers available because we've got a seriously high workload, or/and the ordered paper is very demanding in terms of specific knowledge on a complicated subject matter.
  4. Ordered once - paid twice
    Unfortunately, even considering that we're very meticulous with monitoring all the bills and orders, occasionally such situations can arise. If you notice that you've paid double price for one order, getting in contact with our customer support agents is the very first thing you must do. That’s why we recommend you to save all the receipts as a verification of your purchase.

Partial refund

Sometimes you'll get a partial refund when your situation matches one of those mentioned down below:

  1. Late delivery
    We work with a great accountability with regards to keeping deadlines, but sometimes, which is extremely rare, there are things beyond our control. We discuss the sum of the refund individually with each purchaser since it's influenced by different aspects. However, your actions can also result in not receiving your money back. For instance, a late upload of required documents might slow down the author. In cases like this, there will be no refund. Make sure all the necessary files are sent to us just after you filled in the order form.
  2. The work on your task has been started, but you wish to cancel the order
    Due to the fact that we need to pay for our writer’s time and effort, you could be provided with a refund of about 70%. In case there's less than half of the total time left to the due date, your refund will be about 50% or less.
  3. Discontentment with the outcome
    If you aren't pleased with the result, we offer you a possibility for your complaints to be analyzed by our managers. Your refund would depend on whether your complaints are well-grounded and justifiable enough. Although usually our customers’ demands are met, and they are happy with the works drafted by our specialists, we are ready to look into all the comments on our results to make them even better.
  4. Plagiarized works
    If you have evidence that evidently shows plagiarism in the paper verified by a specialized service or software you can certainly submit it to us and get a partial refund or revision as appropriate.

No refund

  1. If the mark you received for the work written with the help of our experts isn't as great as you have anticipated it to be.
    You can be absolutely sure that our specialists do their best to provide our customers with only excellent papers, but the mark you receive for it consists of not just the written work itself but also of your presentation and the teacher’s ways of estimation.
  2. You asked us to proofread, format or edit
    Remember that this kind of services with the already prepared document will always be performed without making any modifications to your work’s content. Hence, we take zero responsibility for any potential complaints concerning the content of your paper.

Money-back process

When you request a refund, and your application is validated, you can receive your money back not later than 5 working days following the confirmation itself. Please, be aware that we cannot be held accountable for any possible problems related to the third-party organizations managing your money transferring.

We provide our clients with the money-back option only in cases when its amount is larger than 10 USD; if not, it is just impossible due to fees required for the money transfer. You could also put this sum on your personal account for future orders.