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Preliminary Thesis Statement: Main Things to Consider

When a student is assigned to write an academic paper, he or she should face lots of impediments. Their forms are various. Firstly, one should face the difficulty of a concrete discipline. Undoubtedly, academic disciplines strongly differ from one another. Business issues are not the same as in history.

Secondly, one ought to meet all requirements. They are likewise various. Though most of them are similar for every piece of writing, some may induce lots of problems. Some folks are not good with writing the introductory section. Theo others are not able to conclude properly etc. Finally, some people cannot craft the most important element of any research paper. That is a thesis statement.

It is strange enough that this is a short message, which commonly consists of a single sentence (sometimes two) and fully illustrates your main purpose. Accordingly, it is utterly important to take it seriously and craft a really meaningful “heart” of your project. Many students struggle when they try to compose it. As a result, they have a real fear before such a small thing.

Nonetheless, their fear can be justified. Teachers and professors give special heed to the thesis, and you will lose many essential grades if you fail. One of the keys to a successful accomplishment of this task is to write a preliminary thesis statement first. Let’s study it step by step.

What is a preliminary thesis statement? It is an initial draft of your future final version of the thesis. It may be likewise called a guide for the research you are going to carry out. It is really essential because it will show you whether your main purpose is highlighted correctly. That is a nice opportunity to escape fatal errors.

What Is a Preliminary Thesis Statement? Find the Answer

Now, that we already know the preliminary thesis statement definition we should review it closer. Compare it to the common drafting. It’s not a good idea to submit an essay immediately. You should write a draft, revise it, make necessary corrections and only after that hand it over to your supervisor. The same goes for the preliminary statement.

It gives you an opportunity to take some time for reconsideration. Such a draft helps to improve weak elements. Your thesis is supposed to illustrate what you want to disclose. There are certain peculiarities about it, which you should know about. Your thesis should be:

  • Arguable
  • Inclusive
  • Correctly located
  • Concise

Make your main concept really arguable. It should sound authoritative. Get rid of emotions. Use the approved evidence to support your arguments.

Your main concept is expected to contain everything you wish to disclose in your research. For instance, you may write “War is horrible.” It sounds like a thesis. Nonetheless, it’s not complete. The complete version looks like this “War is horrible because it takes human lives and ruins the world.”

Know where to place your thesis. Commonly, it is situated at the end of the introductory part or in the first sentence of the main plot. Such early appearance is necessary for your readers. They wish to know what you are going to argue and resolve from the beginning. Don’t bury it somewhere in the middle of your project.

Make sure it is brief and straight to the point. You may be willing to explain in details what your main point is. You will have the chance for that in the plot of your project. Notwithstanding, a thesis statement should be informative and reflect your main question.

How to Write a Preliminary Thesis Statement Quickly

Of course, it’s necessary to learn how to write a preliminary thesis statement. You should start with a defining question. Put a logical question, which can be answered with your thesis in the most effective manner. Analyze your main issue and craft the answer in accordance with your essay type. For instance:

  • Analytical essay divides something into clearer details for a better understanding and examination.
  • The expository paper illustrates or teaches us something.
  • Argumentative assignment makes/states a certain claim and afterward tries to change the reader’s opinion about it.

Every research paper has a different purpose. Therefore, tailor your main argument in the demanded way. Try to introduce an argument, which wasn’t stated before. Find something new and exciting, which gives importance and ignites an interest.

While writing a preliminary thesis statement, make sure it is provable. Some writers tried to be original and implemented theses, which could not be proved. As a result, they failed miserably. Remember that this is only a draft. It can be shaped and even fully changed during the process of writing. Probe various options and research each idea. Define whether you have the necessary scientific feedback.

The Last but not the Least

Another point that makes a thesis statement sound correctly is the audience. Know who will read your paper. Combine this knowledge with the data about your theme. The information you find should be official and fully highlight your main purpose. Depending on these facts, craft an idea, which will satisfy everyone.

When you begin to write the initial variant, give heed to the main plot and conclusion. See how these parts affect your main concept. You may find that it needs some improvements due to these essential parts of writing.

Use these recommendations. They are universal and help to shape both the initial and final variant of a thesis. Craft it properly and impress your academic supervisor.