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Why Family Essay Is an Essential Academic Paper

A family is a crucial element of the society. That’s why tutors give the task to write an essay on a family. Why is this topic so essential for them? A family essay reflects students’ values and their attitude to customs and traditions. Such paper reveals students’ traits of character and emphasizes their view of life. Students get an excellent chance to support their ideas with arguments. All people have relatives.

That’s why it’s not an easy thing to reassure someone that the chosen point of view concerning upbringing and other family matters is the right one. There are many free online samples, but a person should not copy them. Plagiarism is taboo. An essay must be unique and high-class.

College Essay about Family — What is the Feature?

When students start writing a college essay about the family they should study the requirements first.

  • The paper is to be well-structured. Any academic paper consists of three parts (the introduction, the body, the conclusion). There must be a logical connection between them, and they must reflect the key idea of the paper.
  • Creating the outline. It’s better to combine brainstorm method with the outline creation. The outline gives an opportunity to know which step to take first, and brainstorming provokes brilliant spontaneous ideas. It also helps not to forget about the references. One can put the name of the source and its page on the margins and reread the information during the essay writing.
  • Grammar is important. Even if the essay’s content is surpassing, but the text contains many grammar and lexical mistakes, a student may get D.
  • The bibliography. There two types of literature. The first is printed on the paper and the second is published on the Internet. No matter what kind of source a student chooses. The tutor should like it. In case the tutor considers Wikipedia to be an unreliable source, the student should avoid it.

Type choosing is one more important thing. Each essay like a film or book belongs to a certain genre called a type. There are some types which students choose frequently:

  • persuasive (a debate that must convince the reader to take the author’s position and agree with it);
  • expository (an argument that needs facts and evidence to prove the opinion);
  • narrative (a story that involves the personal experience of the writer or others);
  • descriptive (the description that requires vivid colors and involvement of 5 organs of sense for true-to-life picture).

The type matters much because it identifies the choice of words and tone for the essay.

The secret of a well-structured essay is simple. Professionals recommend analyzing well-written examples and paying attention to keywords and phrases. One more important part of essay structure is the composing of the thesis statement. It’s a brief (not more than two sentences) but the striking statement that underlines the target idea of the paper. In other words, it must highlight the importance of a family essay.

What Family Essay Topics to Choose?

When tutors ask their students to write a family essay, they face the problem in choosing of the good essay topic. Students often make mistakes because don’t understand the task clearly. They start describing themselves, their parents’ hobbies, and other uninteresting things. Family essay ideas should touch upon more valuable things. That mustn’t be a mere description of a family but the analysis or criticism of some crucial issue.

  1. What’s the Most Suitable Age for a Child to Learn the Basic Information about Sex Act and Contraception?
  2. Allowance for Kids: Necessity or Indulgence
  3. The Monitoring of Kids’ Social Network Activity by Parents: Normal Behavior or Persecution Mania
  4. Can Parents Bring Up Their Children without Punishment?
  5. Lactation in Public: Natural Thing or Immoral Behavior
  6. The Role of Parenting Classes in the Life of the Society
  7. Should Parents Involve Their Children in Extracurricular Activities (Chess Playing or Music)?
  8. Is Kid’s Room Created for Children or Parents?
  9. Is It Morally Right to Allow Same-Sex Couples to Adopt Children?
  10. Should Parents Reward Kids for Good Grades?

Each of the topics mentioned above deals with something provocative or debatable. That’s why a student should learn details about the essay type (compare and contrast, descriptive, analytical, etc.) and select a theme which can correspond to it and reflect on its peculiarities.